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The Martha Stoner Show: Martha's Adult Easter Party

A self-proclaimed master cook and craftswoman, is getting ready for Easter on 4/20 with her buddy Stoney, who has just eaten an insanely intense edible.  Then someone new and weird arrives. Will they finish the crafts? or will the get too high. Martha shows us she loves cannabis just as much as she loves Easter.  When you rent or buy this film for download you directly help support the making of more cannabis films and disenfranchised artists. 

Space Budz

What if you were sent to do just one job? You’d probably get high first. Duh! Meet Hugh Newman. He’s just like you, except for one little tiny small thing: he’s an alien. Hugh finds being human ain’t so bad after all. See High Minded Films first cannabis sci-fi comedy set in Seattle. Space Budz was made as an entry into the SPLIFF film festival, which had a running time limit of 4 minutes and 20 seconds or less.