About the Business


We are a licensed and family owned small video/film production company. We also offer technical and vocational training, based out of Seatac, WA.

We are dedicated to creating quality independent films that highlight under-represented & disenfranchised groups as well as local talent here in the Pacific Northwest.

Who We Are

Madeline K. Couture

Madeline Kay Couture

I'm excited to give young, inexperienced filmmakers the skills they need to produce quality indie short films, and teaching this art is a passion that I hope to pass on to my students.

I am a film/TV producer, director, editor, and production manager with over 18 years of experience. I am also an actress, model, and photographer. I got my start by interning  as a producer and director for KRMJ PBS and manager of Colorado Mesa University Television Studio.

André I. Couture

Andre Couture Editor Filmmaker Director Writer Comedy Voice Actor

I've been in love with film, television and radio my entire life. I believe that extending my passion by teaching newcomers to the industry is the best method to instruct new filmmakers to create immersive and compelling experiences.

I learned video production in high school, then received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. I've recently completed an editing and filmmaking apprenticeship, and currently direct and edit.

Raymond L. Couture


I'm an executive producer for Meta Media, our parent company which I founded nearly 40 years ago to produce a film of a talk by the father of Humanistic Astrology, Dane Rudhyar. 

I've been an astrological counselor since 1975, and now have a world-wide following after being featured on Cut's YouTube channel. I worked 

as a television and radio producer for over 20 years, producing over 1,000 hours of public radio and television programming.

Specialties & Company History

We produce, consult, & conduct workshops for short-form film
and webisode production.

If you've made a film before or have never even touched a camera, you have a story to tell. Let us help you tell that story through film, video & photography. 

Enroll in our one month film and TV production crash course and walk away with your first short film in 30 days. After your film is complete, you'll have all the skills you need in order to make your own films in the future.

Established in 2017.

High Minded Films is a subsidiary of Meta Media LLC, originally started 30 years ago as a film production company. 

High Minded Films was formed so cannabis filmmakers and other disenfranchised or first time aspiring video creators and indie filmmakers would have a place to learn the tools and techniques hands on by producing their first film. Our team has a combined almost 40 years TV, video, and film production experience.