Hi! I am a female film director named Madeline Couture. I'm  directing this web series. It's a legal cannabis themed web series about stoner housemates who needed a new roommate to help pay rent. So they put up an ad that said "Looking for roommate: must be 420 friendly."  We are a no budget "use what you have" company, so this is a non paid volunteer gig.  We film in the city of Seatac, WA.   

We are looking for aspiring actors (female and male) and crew members who have their Sundays free for table reads, rehearsals, and recordings.  


Note: Public transportation to the location is not convenient or realistic. So please have your own transportation and be local.  

For actors we need: actresses and actors who are willing to do table reads on the first Sunday, and then rehearsals on the second Sunday. Finally recording the real performance on the third Sunday. So it takes commitment and time because being on the crew or cast is much like performing a play.  

For crew we need (All equipment is provided, you just show up and run it): camera operators, boom mic operator, audio recorder operator, power and lights ( grip lighting gaff ), production assistants. No experience necessary but must have weekends free and be dedicated to put in the time and learn? We will train you if dedicated to the craft.

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Update: The writers have written a pilot teleplay that is dialog driven and shot more like a sitcom with a 3 camera production, but on a small scale filmed out of a house because we don't have money for a studio yet. We have all the equipment to film it. We just need actors to act in it, and crew members to run the equipment.

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